Mourn share “Otitis”

 Mourn share "Otitis"Mourn have shared their new song “Otitis” ahead of the release of their self-titled debut album, which will be arriving 16th February.

 Before having the chance to breath after pressing play “Otitis” erupts with self-assuredness and transports the listener back to the 90s. Cramming a hefty weight of infectious lines and attitude into two and a half minutes and paying homage to acts like Sleater-Kinney and Sebadoh, “Otitis” has certainly piqued the ears of listeners everywhere not to mention making new fans with each listen, present company included.

 With any band that is oozing talent and compelling songs, there’s a fair bit of jealousy, though it’s all in good spirit. What’s more is the Catalan four piece are still so young, Jazz, Carla and Antonio are only 18 years old and Leia is 15! It’s inspiring and a credit to their talent how such a young band creates music that is so sure of itself and avoids the many trappings so many bands of that age encounter.

 Between now and 16th February we hope to expect another song released by Mourn to build on the success of “Otitis”. If, however, you can’t wait to see what comes next, you can pre-order the bands album on Vinyl, CD and Cassette, any orders placed before the 1st December will also receive the bonus track “Boys are C**ts”.

 Listen to “Otitis” now.


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