Introducing: Mosa Wild

شريط الاسهم لهذا اليوم Mosa WildAshford-based indie rock quartet سوق الاسهم اليوم في السعوديه Mosa Wild are threatening great things. With only a single track, "Smoke", to their name as yet, they have already garnered a strong following online with over three and a half million Spotify plays and a stream of digital press.

الخيارات الثنائية منصات التداول Boasting an irresistible chorus hook and disarmingly simple arrangement – a gentle drum groove encased in piano chords and swirling synth lines – the single is an excellent opening gambit. Comparisons to microsoft jobba hemma The Maccabees and الاستثمار بالنقد الاجنبى The National are unavoidable; the simple, rhythmic groove of the first half of the track wouldn’t be out of place on the latter's High Violet, while the likeness is only compounded by the low, Berninger-esque vocals of Jim Rubaduka. As the song builds, the bridge and subsequent soaring unison chorus evoke early أسهم السعودية Arcade Fire – “Maybe I don’t have to be right/she’s got me thinking/maybe I don’t have to lose/we’re all just passing through” – and there are hints of sjuksköterska jobba hemifrån Noah and the Whale’s richer sophomore album, The First Days of Spring, with reverberating strings filling the space around the vocals.

الخيارات الثنائية التجار في المملكة المتحدة With a parade of UK festival appearances under their belt (gutted to discover that I missed the chance to see them at Bushstock several weeks ago), the future is very bright indeed for Mosa Wild, as an expectant crowd eagerly awaits their next release.

Check out the Mosa Wild's Facebook page for more info, and listen to "Smoke" below.


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