Premiere: stunning new session video of Mieke’s “Sleeping Alone”

Sleeping AloneOne of our favourite singer songwriters returns today with a new session recording of her heart breaking song, "Sleeping Alone". Watch the premiere of the video, filmed at The Great Hall, below.

The pseudonym of Elissa Mielke, Mieke has appeared on countless recommendation lists on this fare blog as well as turning international heads, not least of all in her native Toronto and London, where she was based for a while. She says of the video:

"I was in Toronto with my friend Adrian Vieni (Wood & Wires) at The Great Hall, which is one of the first places I ever saw live music. I played and sang "Sleeping Alone" on an old piano and he set up a mic and camera and recorded it."

"I've been doing some little performance videos like this lately to release before my new material - to show people what it sounds like when it's just me in my room, writing and figuring out what I want to say," she goes on to explain. "I like that my nail polish is a bit chipped and that you can see I have a pimple in the video, and that the song is naked and on its own without production in this version. I have been trying to embrace imperfection more, to see things for what they are without masks on. 

Producing my songs has been a challenging journey, but this is what always makes sense to me; the moments when I am just there writing the music- me and a piano. So I wanted to share that too."

Watch the session recording of "Sleeping Alone" below and find out more about Mieke here.


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