Megan Washington shares “My Heart Is A Wheel” video

Megan Washington shares "My Heart Is A Wheel" videoIn the past few months we’ve covered Australian pop sensation Megan Washington, the level of hype behind her highly anticipated second album There There reaching fever pitch; now, after what has seemed like an agonizing wait it has finally arrived. As if that wasn’t enough Washington has also released new single “My Heart Is A Wheel” as well as a music video.

Both the audio and visual experience of “My Heart Is A Wheel” is dense with multi-layered strands that coexist beautifully to create another solid piece from Washington. Stop-start cuts follow the pace of the music, the stylized pluck of the guitar reminiscent of Foals, yet played to the backdrop of a revamped Eurythmics.

The video is so rich with colour yet refuses to overload the senses. Every instance of colour is so well defined and simplistic that the whole video flows with such a smooth transition between frames that it’s as much a pleasure to watch for its aesthetic value, as it is a companion piece to the song.

 “My Heart Is A Wheel” is just one of the many amazing examples of Washington’s skill as an artist, the entire track list of There There making for some enviable reading. With both “Limitless” and “Who Are You?” in its wake, “My Heart Is A Wheel” is another great addition to Washington’s stellar portfolio.

 There There is available now here.


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