Stream: Meadowlark share shimmering melodies of “Paraffin”

MeadowlarkMeadowlark have released the title track from upcoming EP, Paraffin.

"Paraffin" positively shimmers. It starts slowly, and gradually turns the melodies up until it reaches a rich crescendo, then gently takes you back down again. Emotion shines through the track, with the electronic backdrop bringing out every gem contained within the song.

Paraffin is the follow up to Meadowlark’s 2015 Dual EP which was produced by Ant West of Oh Wonder and has now amassed over 4,000,000 Spotify streams.

Meadowlark - Kate McGill (vocals, keys) and Daniel Broadley (guitar, synths) - describe the upcoming EP as "an evolution." The songs were originally created on piano and then crafted into grand arrangements. The captivating nature of McGill's vocals were combined with Broadley's electronic flourishes to form a rich heady atmosphere.

The duo used an experimental approach to their songcraft, gradually forming dense sonic structures out of the simple melodies they started with. The band feel that this EP is the sound of them firmly finding their creative voice and shows off what Meadowlark are capable of.

The Paraffin EP is out 22nd April 2016 on Believe Recordings. Meadowlark are due to tour extensively in 2016, with live details still to be announced.

Find out more about Meadowlark on Facebook and stream "Paraffin" below:


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