Stream: Lyla Foy bares all for “Blue Door”

Blue DoorLondon based singer songwriter Lyla Foy has premiered a new bonus track, "Blue Door". The song exclusively features on vinyl copies of her latest EP, UMi.

"Blue Door" is a heartfelt yet exposed track, enveloping the listener from the start as it builds to a mesmerising chorus. It appears understated on first listen, but as the song gets to its crescendo, you soon come to realise how modestly ambitious it actually is. Foy’s strength is in creating songs that are both confessional and uplifting, a talent utilised to the full here.

As well as the warm feeling that vinyl provides to its aficionados, the inclusion of "Blue Door" on the vinyl version of UMi is bound to make it appeal even more to the dedicated listener.

Foy has spent the last year touring throughout Europe and America with the last six months spent working on her new recordings. The songs from UMi were originally performed under the moniker of WALL, with Foy previously releasing her self-produced debut album Mirrors The Sky under her own name, receiving glowing praise across radio, print and online media. She is currently working on her second album.

The UMi EP is out now digitally and on vinyl via Rough Trade.

Find out more about Lyla Foy on her website and stream "Blue Door" below:


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