Kyla la Grange lets go

Rounding off today's give away love-in is Kyla la Grange. Since I interviewed her, the singer-songwriter has scored the hearts of many, but in my opinion she's yet the reach the heights of fame her epic, Bonnie Tyler inspired macabre demands.

Lend the lady a hand and listen to the following, the Kill Van Kulls of her song "You Let It Go", a version that pumps adrenaline into every corner of the song. (The original was previously exclusively given away by My Band's Better Than Your Band.)

If you live in London you can see her play at The Hoxton Bar & Grill this October 13th. Date for the far advanced diaries!

Kyla La Grange - You Let It Go (The Kill Van Kulls Remix) by Stayloose

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