Stream: Kiran Leonard shares the unique “Cracked Globe”

Cracked GlobeIndie singer-songwriter Kiran Leonard has shared a brand new song, "Cracked Globe". The recording features Leonard playing a number of guitars simultaneously in a truly unique fashion.

He says of the track, "I wrote this song one morning at the house of a good friend in Whalley Range (Manchester). He's got all these old acoustic guitars. I set to lining four of them up against a wall and tuning each to a big chord. I played the guitars like a big harp and they were awesome and resonant. The lyrics I wrote with one friend in mind but its subject matter is not specific. everybody has conversations with loved ones where private, devastating information is disclosed. in secret, so many people bear unbelievable crosses. So I wrote this song for many friends/loved ones, all good people, whose fault it was not. words don't make everything better; it's never easy to know what to say and how to console friends, but this is my best attempt to articulate some sort of response, to at least a dozen people I can think of."

"Cracked Globe" premiered on GoldFlakePaint, who described it as "the kind of song that can shift your entire day... Recalling, perhaps, the rugged sombreness of Jason Molina at his most bare-boned, the track is imposingly raw; Leonard’s voice alive and unvarnished, drifting in its own space like shadows creeping through an empty room."

"Cracked Globe" will be available on an upcoming tape Monarchs of the Crescent Pail, out next month on Very Bon Records.

Find out more about Kiran Leonard and listen to Cracked Globe below:


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