Introducing: King Charles

He's been batting around drunkenwerewolf's radar for a while now, but with recent single Love Lust, King Charles (the musician, not the monarch) has taken his rightful place on the throne of British electric weirdo-folk. A bit of a subcategory to rule over but nevertheless a very prestigious one; the London based singer-songwriter takes influence from the kind of 1970's prog music my Dad regularly tries to force upon me with little to no success. And he sounds like Edward Larrikin surviving a cult initiation. It's okay though, because King Charles' production is very much in the now and his head is very much screwed on - you'll find no dilly-dallying here, just through and through decent experimental music with folk-come-Larrikin-esque vocals.

buy "love lust"

Time of Eternity Mr Flick


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  1. Anonymous 25/10/2009 at 10:44 pm #

    quirky spelling there hun 😉
    he’s quite wonderful. looks like banhart, right?
    jowifey xx

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