Kayla Painter tease the release of “Gaga”

Kayla Painter teases the release of "Gaga"Kayla Painter will start the 2015 with the release of her single “Gaga”. As we’ve come to expect from her visual prowess “Gaga” will come with a full video release made in collaboration with visual partner Jason Baker.

To ramp up the excitement for “Gaga”, Painter has released a 30-second teaser.  Clicking and glitching with a subtle drone the camera slowly pans from the roof to the sky to reveal Painter’s logo and just the word ‘Feb’. “Gaga” will show a new side to Kayla and Jason’s work, one that explores dark and eerie atmosphere as well as visuals from slightly new angles and will move away from the sci-fi themes they’ve previously explored.

We’ve been promised that “Gaga” explores garage whilst throwing us off the scent with Kayla’s patented wonky swaggering beat.  With drums that exude unique groove that is sometimes hard to predict we expect to find our head and feet swaying out of time with each other.  In their words, “Expect to be drenched in dark, eerie sound design, which is offset by a clean bright synth, and a tiny voice referencing the title of the track.”

The launch of “Gaga” as well as the video will be held at Bristol’s The Crofters Rights on 7th February as part of Cyclicity, the monthly electronic night, which showcases the plethora of local musicians and DJs.


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