Stream: Josephine Foster shares powerful folk of “A Thimbleful Of Milk”

Thimbleful Of MilkThe first thing you notice about Josephine Foster’s new track "A Thimbleful Of Milk" is the vocal. Foster’s voice is both powerful and haunting, demanding your full attention from the start.

"A Thimbleful Of Milk" is a remarkably self-assured song, with Foster using all her years of musical experience to create a memorable listening experience. This is folk music as it should be done. It’s original, yet somehow instantly familiar. It’s a song that gets into your head and then bounces around there for days.

The track is taken from upcoming album No More Lamps In The Morning. On the album Foster, on nylon string guitar, and husband Victor Herrero, accompanying on Portuguese guitar, come together to bring forward new versions of songs from Foster’s songwriter career.

These readings take in both more recent albums by Foster (2008’s This Coming Gladness and 2013’s I’m A Dreamer) alongside the earlier work of 2004’s Born Heller. The album takes a poetic approach to its lyrical content. Alongside Foster’s own work, two of the album tracks are Foster’s musical interpretation of Rudyard Kipling and James Joyce.

No More Lamps is out 5th February 2016 on Fire Records. Find out more about Josephine Foster on her website and stream "A Thimbleful Of Milk" below:


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