Invader Girl releases “Starting Fires”

Invader Girl releases "Starting Fires"Type Invader Girl into Google and be prepared to encounter a deluge of anime and retro gaming. Yet, if you look a little deeper you’ll happen upon a familiar face, a face that once belonged to Cinnamon Girl (aka Camilia Roholm). Believing to be genetically imbued as a musician, due in part to being conceived on a tour bus by her musician parents, Invader Girl shows a passion for her art. A self-confessed nerd and one that is seemingly obsessed with the intricacies of her songs, she has created an image through Cinnamon Girl, which has now evolved into something else entirely.

To announce the evolution into Invader Girl, the Danish born artist has surprisingly released a remix (courtesy of label friends MS MR) of her single “Starting Fires”. It’s an unexpected first move to make, but it’s a move that creates a greater sense of anticipation, the remix hinting at what Invader Girl has to offer in the coming months. The track itself bears the same vocal mastery exhibited on Cinnamon Girl's previous releases, but the remix shows a lighter side to Invader Girls pop sound. Perhaps a new direction, or perhaps misdirection, Invader Girl is a re-imagining of an already successful artist and "Starting Fires" is the first step to revealing this new persona.

 You can listen to the remix of “Starting Fires” below:


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