Video: Invader Girl releases superhero electro pop of “Danger Zone”

Danger ZoneFollowing her storming single "Casio", UK electro pop singer songwriter Invader Girl returns with a super-heroic video for her new single, "Danger Zone".

Directed by project honcho Camilla Roholm, "Danger Zone" follows Invader Girl in her everyday life as a superhero. While there is some suitably heroic pugilism at the end of the video, it mostly shows us the other side of the costumed vigilante lifestyle. We see Invader Girl brushing her teeth and going to the supermarket, all in full costume.

The single blends the modern and the retro, having one foot planted firmly in the 80s and the other in the future. Catchy, with synthetic grooves, it's a track sure to get even Lex Luthor tapping his toes.

Synth wave legends Arcade High serve up a suitably 80s accompaniment to the single, delivering driving, high octane remix blending Invader Girl's compelling vocals with their energetic, retro electro.

The multi talented Invader Girl has been steadily making a name for herself as one of the UK's top electro pop artists since her debut (as Cinnamon Girl) in 2014. "Stuck On Me" set synth pop dance floors alight in 2015, as well as attracting some serious major label interest. Preferring to keep control of her own artistry, Invader Girl launches the next phase of her career with "Casio" and "Danger Zone" ahead of a new EP.

"Danger Zone" is out now on streaming sites and digital retailers.

Find out more about Invader Girl on her website and watch "Danger Zone" below:


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