Introducing: Yusuf Azak

Yusuf Azak’s name has been doing the rounds since he released his debut album Turn On The Long Wire in 2010, and now thanks to the formidable Songs, By Toad the Glaswegian has returned with his sophomore Go Native.

“Smile Tactics”, available to stream below, is the first single to be taken from the record and perfectly documents Azak’s thick Scottish brawl set to rustic guitar twanging. Boasting a more straightforward, cleaner production, the album and its songs are sure to capture the hearts of folk fans while making an impression on those of us who crave depth from their music. Unique, raw, colloquial and above all Celtic, Azak rightfully earns as a place in DrunkenWerewolf’s prize top drawer.

Hear “Smile Tactics” below.


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