Introducing: Yung

YungFrontman Mikkel Holm Silkjær is the brains behind Yung, a Danish four-piece who actually have nothing to do with rap music, in spite of what their name may suggest. Yung lean towards the pop side of punk music, filling brief bursts of aggression with melodic hooks and quirky guitars. The band began to garner attention last year with stunning EP These Thoughts Are Like Mandatory Chores, a collection of songs that range from punk pop bangers (“God”, “It Happened Again”) to massive 6-minute jams, as with the slow-paced solemnity of “Offshore”. Yung are now set to release their debut album A Youthful Dream on 10th June 2016 via Fat Possum.

A few weeks ago, Yung dropped “Pills”, the first single taken from A Youthful Dream. The song distances the band from the combative sound of earlier releases, opening with a simple guitar riff that's quickly followed by steady drum fills. Silkjær’s vocals never try to hide the emotion contained in the song’s lyrics - he just lets everything out with a bold temperament, in contrast to the careless, low-key approach taken in their last EP. It would be fair to place “Pills” beside the work of British post punks Eagulls, but Yung’s music is arguably more melodic and less noisy.

Some major publications are starting to fall in love with Yung, who have already toured Europe and the US this year. They visited the UK last year while supporting Ought, and they’ve just announced a rare headlining gig in London’s East Rough Trade on 13th June. Given the hype for their debut album, you can bet it won’t be the last time they visit the UK.

Find out more about Yung here and listen to "Pills" below.


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