Introducing: Yucky Duster

Yucky Duster

Four friends with a penchant for penning catchy punk-pop tunes, Yucky Duster first came to our attention with their 2016 self-titled debut. Follow-up EP Duster’s Lament will surely see them start to build a following beyond their native Brooklyn.

With band members Zach, Melissa, Luca and Madeleine having performed in various well-established New York-area acts such as Bluffing, The Gradients and Slonk Donkerson, in their latest guise the quartet mix up the mundane and the ridiculous with genuine musical credibility.

For all their apparent don’t-care swagger and irreverent band name, the mellow harmonies of “The Ropes” and lead track “Duster’s Lament” showcase a rare awareness of social issues that elevate them far above your average slacker punk band.

The Brooklyn quartet’s irreverent and on-the-nose lyrics are a massive part of their appeal – songs such as “Friend Zone,” “Elementary School Dropout” and “Break Your Phone” don’t even try to hide their subject matter and are all the better for it.

At various times they also riff on gentrification, depression and the inevitable change in adolescent friendships with thoughtfulness and insight, underpinned by discordant guitars and upbeat pop riffs.

With a regular stream of gigs lined up around the Brooklyn area, Yucky Duster are continuing to build a solid fanbase, and make sure you check them out if they ever make it this side of the pond.

Listen to Yucky Duster's "Elementary School Dropout" below.


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