Introducing: Willie Breeding

Willie BreedingNestling within bright, chiming sound, with its touches of Americana and indie rock, there's a sort of world-weary quality to the music of Willie Breeding. This might be a symptom of his itinerant nature - he grew up in Kentucky, but tours all over the US to write and record songs, some his own, some in collaboration with others. This need to travel is probably in part due to a certain creative restlessness as he looks to hone his style, and in part because of his desire to work with and learn off others in his field. In his own words: “I wanted to find a group of musicians who understood exactly what I was going for, but that would be fully invested in bringing their own ideas to the table.”

This culminated in a return to his Kentuckian fatherland to record his 2017 album Big Sky, with producer Duane Lundy and members of the band SteelismHe's showcasing the first two tracks on his website and they suggest an accomplished record - crackling percussion, a rich variety of orchestration, some elements of post-punk. His strongest, however, is the final track from the album, "Prague Spring", a love story set in the Czech capital which sees him in duet with Caitlin Rose. With a folkier edge that would endear it to fans of Beirut, Fanfarlo and Andrew Bird, it bears a certain cinematic feel, unsurprisingly given his producer's affinity with film and TV soundtrack scoring. Complete with a music video edited from footage of Prague in 1982, it's a delicate and affecting piece of songwriting.

Listen to "Prague Spring" below and find out more about Willie Breeding on Facebook.


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  1. Enrico Ferrero 06/05/2018 at 6:35 pm #

    Simply FORMIDABLE !!!
    This is real poetry

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