Introducing: Will Joseph Cook

Will Joseph CookOh, to be 18 again. To be young, carefree, just legally able to drink and have the whole world at your feet. For most of us though, 'having the world at your feet' simply means having a mate who can drive and enough cash to buy a box of cheap tinnies. For Kent's Will Joseph Cook, it means playing Glastonbury and releasing one of the best indie EPs of the year. All after A Levels, of course.

Having already garnered a lot of love for his first EP You Jump I Run, an EP which managed to top Hype Machine's charts, the teen then released newest EP Proof Enough to his hungrily awaiting fans. Unsurprisingly it's as good as its predecessor; great songs driven by pop hooks, but shimmering with surf guitars, and clattering percussion underpinning it all. Stand out single "Beach" combines minimal hip hop  drums with some brilliantly layered guitars. With young Will quoting everyone from Darwin Deez to Nick Cave as influences, it's unsurprising that his music is a beautiful collage of all the best bits of alternative pop from the last few years.

All of this is carried by Will's beautiful vocals, soft and breezy, at times like a young Chris Martin (definitely a compliment). It's most obvious on the nearly completely acoustic track "Message", which starts off delicate and intimate, before building adding claps, gospel like harmonies and a massive chorus,characteristic of all his songs. Having been recently signed to Atlantic Records, the boy's got big things ahead of him, as we all did aged 18. Only for Will, these will be much, much more exciting. Get to know him before he blows up.

Find out more about Will Joseph Cook here and listen to "Message" below.


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