Introducing: Weirds

weirdsEmerging from their grubby bedrooms, Weirds are a bunch of teenagers who create driving, turbulent, psychedelic rock.

The band have pigeon-holed themselves into the “neo-psych” genre with the likes of Temples and Foxygen, but their forthcoming single “Crocodile” is a lot dirtier than either of those acts.

The initial distorted guitar and pounded snare give way to a scuzzy bass-line that grooves through the track like a sidewinder. The track was produced by HOOKWORMS’ MJ. You can really hear his influence on the sound of this track, from the repetitive, scratchy guitar riffs to the hazy, echoing vocals, but Weirds feel more dangerous. As the chorus descents into the repeated snarl of, “It’s my way or the highway” you can sense that these kids mean business. They’ve been hatching a plan in their grubby bedrooms and in the two and a half minutes that Crocodile lasts, they laid it out in full detail.

Crocodile comes out on Denizen Records on May 27th.


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