Introducing: Vagabon

VagabonNew York City was the thriving birthplace of popular genres such as disco, hip hop, punk and new wave. Not forgetting, of course, the folk scene in Greenwich Village, or the great indie rock 'n' roll revival The Strokes gave the city in the early 00s. So it is an immense pleasure to introduce Vagabon, a New York artist who offers a little of everything from the aforementioned genres; not in a nostalgic way, but in a way that screams excitedly: new music, New York style. Or maybe it should be new music, Lætitia Tamko style? I can't work it out, I'm too excited.

I'm excited because indie rock has never sounded more alive, thanks to Tamko's enormous voice. In a constantly changing DIY indie scene, her debut Infinite Worlds - already a DrunkenWerewolf favourite - offers eight songs of victorious indie rock 'n' roll. She manipulates these songs by veering off into electric folk moments, then punk, all while sounding every inch a modern woman who's not afraid to confide in the odd synth sound, courtesy of her SP404 sampler. Her voice is refreshing in its own unique, edgy, delicate way. And a shout out must also go out to the grungy, hard-hitting rhythm section of Elise Okusami on drums and Maggie Toth on bass. They give Vagabon a new age dynamic, similar to the way Bon Iver stand out with their own interesting rhythms.

Currently making her way across North America on a huge 30-date tour, UK fans will now have to wait until October to catch their next glimpse of this indie heroine. London and Brighton are currently on her hit list, and she impressed earlier this month at Dot to Dot 2017. Lætitia, our British arms are wide open.

Check out Vagabon's brand new video for "Fear & Force" below


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