Introducing: Tiny Deaths

Tiny DeathsTiny Deaths founding members Clare de Lune of The Chalice and Lookbook’s Grant Cutler were nearly a missed connection. Working back from their meeting point, they found that they had almost met time and time again as they moved in the same circles, unknowingly orbiting one another.

Finally, de Lune says, she happened upon Cutler’s band’s set at an art loft in Minneapolis’ warehouse district: “I stumbled into the first song of their set and I was completely blown away,” she says. “Grant’s style was just the kind of music I’ve been dying to make forever- I just didn’t know there was anyone in this city making it.” The pair exchanged contact details, and soon began work on a series of demos that would later become the first Tiny Deaths EP.

With Cutler preferring to stay behind the scenes as producer, he and de Lune gathered a band to help bring the songs to life. With de Lune on vocals, the live set up of Tiny Deaths now consists of Night Moves’ Jared Isabella and Aaron Baum on drums and guitar, and Ben Clark playing bass. The result is a band that can turn de Lune’s introspective lyrics into a pulsing, bass-heavy performance designed to both energise and arrest. Tiny Deaths’ particular brand of electronic indie compliments Clare de Lune’s syrupy vocal and gives breathing room to emotional lyrics. They hold onto their pop sensibilities while occasionally brushing up against the experimental to create a bright, colourful sound. Though they are inspired by their Minneapolis roots and the creative scene they have sprung from, if Tiny Deaths have their way they will soon grow too big for the city to contain.

Find out more about Tiny Deaths here and listen to "Backwards" below.


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  1. Darrell Mckinney 15/04/2016 at 4:23 am #

    The cranberries have nothing on you guys…your getting better and better.

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