Introducing: The Sinclair Sinclair

sinclairsincalirBesides the odd – and we mean odd – Eurovision entry, Estonia isn’t exactly renowned for its musical output. That could be about to change, as The Sinclair Sinclair released their new EP The Dreamers of the Dream through BandCamp last week, and it’s already knocking down doors in the blogging community.

There’s absolutely bog all about this band on the internet and frankly, their email to me comprised of the fable pasted below and something about blueberries, so there’s not much else to tell you besides the fact their music is a-ok. Echoing the same bonkers art as the aforementioned Eurovision stars and their approach towards biography, The Sinclair Sinclair harness their talents with synth and a lick of glossy paint, drawing closer comparison to Austra twins’ side project Tasseomancy than anything from their side of the globe.

Read their err, thing, here:

"When love is everything that matters in the end, how could I not write another love song ?"asked the woman quietly, crumpled another paper with lyrics and threw it into the trash can. "Well maybe you should think about the next inspiring thing after love and just replace the word," said the man sitting next to her. She looked up and saw the storm clouds gathering over the sea. She smelled the air of the arriving freshness. "It smells like love at first sight," the woman thought and the sea song was born.

...Yes. Hear the eponymous track from The Dreamers of the Dream below.


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