Introducing: The Native Sibling

The Native SiblingSeattle-based brother and sister duo The Native Sibling travelled the world, only to find what they'd been searching for was right under their noses the entire time. Comprised of Ryan and Kaylee Williams, the duo discovered during their separate musical paths and endeavours, the missing ingredient to their music was one another. Singing together informally in a pub in Ireland, they had their epiphany.

Their 2014 debut, Letters Kept to Ourselves, was recorded in Brooklyn with producer Daniel Mendez (Noah Gundersen, Heart, Duran Duran). Now, they're back with a new album, this time recorded with Mendez in Austin, Texas. A cross-country journey of sights and sounds punctuate each heartfelt note within the album's pages. But it begins with their first offering, "How to Win", which is inspired by the Pioneer Square neighbourhood in Seattle. They explain: "It's a reflection on the relational dynamics of the neighbourhood and encourages us all to take a moment to acknowledge those around us."

"How to Win" began as a somber piano ballad steeped in heartache. That emotion pours out of Kaylee's vocals and is coupled with a prominent piano melody. The depth of that melody moves with a steady rhythm that builds from verse to harmony-laden hooks. While the message might come from a more distraught inspiration, it feels upbeat and adventurous. The beat could echo raindrops falling from a dreary Seattle afternoon, yet the harmonies that the siblings create shine a light through the grey and stormy clouds.

Listen to "How to Win" below and find out more about The Native Sibling on Facebook.


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