Introducing: The Derevolutions

The DerevolutionsComing on like the bastard love child of The Go! Team and Le Tigre overdosing on dissident art-rockers Ava Luna, this is The Derevolutions. A Boston based band comprising founding member Brett Boucher and vocalist Ana Karina, the duo kick up a technicoloured disco storm that’s sure to go down a treat with frantic alt-pop fans. Listen to their lead track “Different” below.

“Different” is taken from The Derevolutions’ eponymous EP, which was self-released as a free download back in May. The short player follows last year’s self-titled debut album and continues to cement the band’s importance on the clattering Casio scene. Think buzzing keyboards, hyperactive vocals and no promise of silence: The Derevolutions are all about filling every nook, cranny and spare second in the studio with undeniably catchy music.

The Derevolutions were founded several years ago by Boucher, at first acting as a solo pseudonym for the 27-year-old. When fame hit in 2014 - thanks in no small part to an ESPN commercial in the States - the project grew to incorporate the now essential vocals of Ana Karina. The rest, as they say, is history. Despite an ever-growing fan base, The Derevolutions are keen to keep their music free: something reflected by the Different EP, which is available to download here.

Listen to “Different” below and find out more about The Derevolutions here.


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