Introducing: The Bad Years

Bad YearsThe Bad Years may not be a household name at the moment but believe me, they will be. This pop duo from Los Angeles have been creating dream pop tracks for a few years, and after releasing an EP in 2015, they received a mention in NME comparing them to "The Kills with The Cardigans and then add a dash of Lee Hazelwood."

Their new single "In The House (High All Day)" was released earlier this month, combining guitar, drums and piano together to create a fantastic sound. Vocals like that of Oh Wonder and a guitar with similarities to The 1975 develop into a very unique sound. The harmonies created by band members Aaron Mort and Sami Akbar make listening to their music an experience and a half. Their songs are very diverse, with some placid songs but some that really channel a pop rock vibe.

The Bad Years' selection of tracks available on their Soundcloud allows for a pleasant hour or so of listening, perfect for an autumn day when it's raining outside. With guitar solos as bridges it really mixes it up from your usual pop track.

Listen to "In The House (High All Day)" below and find out more about The Bad Years here.


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