Introducing: The Amazing

AmazingSwedish rock band The Amazing have consistently produced great music since 2009, when they released their self-titled debut.

To keep things relatively short, they essentially are a neo-psychedelia band with a noticeable interest in progressive rock and folk music. Their vocals have the devastating force of Mark Kozelek’s time with Red House Painters (see “To Keep It Going” from last year’s Picture You), but the band’s instrumentation is closer to the likes of King Crimson and Pink Floyd. They have a knack for good melodies and know when to keep things intimate, but they can also engage in long, epic jams, as in the impressive “Fryshusfunk”. The band took a long break after 2011’s Gentle Stream, but they reinvented themselves with a warmly received studio album in 2015 and they are now trying to capitalise on that success with a brand new record.

Formerly known as the side project of Dungen guitarist Reine Fiske, The Amazing are finally starting to gain the worldwide recognition they deserve. Their fourth studio album Ambulance is out on 5th August 2016 and has already got a fair amount of great critical reception. They are usually praised for their ability to create bitter music that finds a middle ground between classic and alternative rock, and they have kept that same spirit for their new album. The Amazing have recently shared a video for the album’s title track, an achingly wistful song propelled by Moussa Fadera’s pounding drums. The whole record is a thing of beauty and it's generating a definitely positive reaction, so don’t be surprised if you see them making a good number of year-end lists.

Find out more about The Amazing here and watch the video for "Picture You" below.


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