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© PR/TerryWhen it comes to rock music, sometimes the best way to stand out from the crowd is to have a strong sense of humour. Self-mockery has been a big part of rock'n'roll since its very beginning; it's a tradition that's survived through the likes of Stephen Malkmus and Morrissey, and that continues to be relevant nowadays in the work of Courtney Barnett and Father John Misty. Melbourne quartet Terry also have that special way to see the world through their off-kilter garage punk - there's something genuinely humorous about their music, even if it’s hard to pin down what’s so amusing about them.

Terry manage to sing every tune with tongue planted firmly in cheek, tackling serious issues through lightweight melodies and acid lyricism. On their debut album Terry HQ, which is out now via Upset The Rhythm, their winking social commentary takes them to dissect violence and war in modern times through the appealing melodies of songs like “Bring Me The Bomb” or “Third War”.

Terry are notably influenced by C-86 indie pop, although some of their songs have a post-punk twist to them. They sometimes recall the genre’s heyday back in the late 70s and early 80s - take “Don’t Say Sorry” or “Uncle Greg”, two songs on their debut that channel Pink Flag-era Wire. Terry have just shared a music video for their new single “Hot Heads”, a jangly pop tune that showcases the band’s signature sound and their indisputable satiric spirit. Their debut album is a 22-minute burst of fresh guitar pop with witty political remarks and great melodies, a real treat for 80s nostalgists.

Terry are set to announce a string of gigs in the UK this September, so keep your eyes open for their exceptional brand of guitar pop music.

Find out more about Terry here and watch the "Hot Heads" video below.


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