Introducing: Tayla

TaylaDo you ever find yourself thinking back on summer to all those top notch belters that came out and soundtracked the partying side of the season? It’s possible that you missed out on one of the best, but don’t worry – we’ve got you. Back in August a 23-year-old from Birmingham called Tayla released an insanely flawless debut and you’re going to want to give it a listen if you have any intention of making a quality-assured NYE party playlist.

“Call Me Danger” is a fierce pop track with funked up synths and reverberating bass grooves. The sheer confidence in Tayla’s voice makes her the exact type of person you’d want grabbing your hand to dance in a dark room. The musician only has the one song out at the moment, but her debut is getting us pretty excited for what’s to come in 2017.

Songs like “Call Me Danger” are brilliant because they allow you to feel this fever for partying and having fun, and to live vicariously through someone who’s probably very good at those things, all while you sit in a warm and safe kitchen with a bottle of wine and a pile of responsibilities to get through. Even with the most boring day or night ahead of you, it would be borderline impossible to feel anything but thrilled about life for the 3 minutes it’s playing; the track is contagiously exciting with a chorus full of unapologetic attitude and verses of vintage electro pop gold.

The accompanying music video shows the artist and her gang of equally badass gals roaming around night-time Soho and at the end Tayla becomes the only person ever to look cool sitting in the back of a London rickshaw.

Listen to/watch “Call Me Danger” below and find out more about Tayla here.


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