Introducing: SuperGlu

SuperGluPrior to  reading this article, if you'd have thought about the town Manningtree, you'd probably be like, "Oh yeah, that’s the place that lies on the River Stour." Probably. But now you’ll remember it as the home of the delightful band SuperGlu. The garage-pop, Essex four-piece are set to release their debut single, "Diving Bell", with B-side "Latvian", on April 27th via Antigen Records. The demo has already been played on the Huw Stephens Radio 1 show back in October, a feat brothers Ben and Alex Brown had achieved before even playing a gig or assembling the band’s final line-up.

Krista Lynch and Benjamin Ward make up that final line-up, and perhaps most notable is that each member contributes vocally, allowing for plenty of options regarding harmonies, The Cribs-esque at times, which overlay the raw, guitar-driven pop records perfectly. The production, handled by David Pye, is understated, and the resultant sound is one of a group of people who all share the same energy and ideas.

This chemistry translates authentically live as well, and having only played their first gigs in the winter of 2014, SuperGlu already perform with the prowess of a band with a decade’s worth of experience. If anyone’s talking about the resurgence of the ‘guitar band’, then SuperGlu are the very essence of it, a title they look to champion throughout the rest of 2015 and beyond.

For more information on SuperGlu head over here. Listen to "Diving Bell" below.


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