Introducing: Stergin

SterginIntroducing yourself as a friend of Emperor Yes is never going to do you any harm. Coupled with the clattering grunge and hedonistic mantra of lead song “I’m Gonna Take It All”, Stergin starts off on the right foot and continues to bound forward towards audible perfection with his own special brew of alt-pop music.

The project of Austrian composer and producer Vinnie Stergin, the singer songwriter has cemented his importance on London’s alt-pop meets alt-rock scene by way of various creative and increasingly mad video concepts. Influenced by cashiers, service station employees and documentary makers, as well as his mother and friends, Stergin’s music is a hodge podge of sound revolving around genres often prefaced by the word ‘slacker’. That’s not to say, however, that Stergin is anything but productive. To date he’s released a ton of visual and audible goodies, including the video for “I’m Gonna Take It All”, which was filmed at Deptford market and is available to stream below.

Deptford Market is a crazy, fascinating place where anything can happen,” he told Below the River in a recent interview. “The film director Mike Freedman has his office at the Albany, and we decided to do it there as we knew we would come out with something very colourful, unexpected and interesting."

We also knew that people won’t really be bothered by it as they’re used to crazy things happening around them. We got talented local actors Nora Jenewein, Guy Combes, Donald Newholm, Anni Ko and the kids Tyler and Alana on board. And it was all a single take, so there are no edits whatsoever.

Watch the video for “I’m Gonna Take It All” below and find out more about Stergin here.


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