Introducing: Smerz

SmerzCatharina and Henriette, also known as Smerz, have one of the most fashionable sounding singles of the past year. The Copenhagen based Norwegian duo, who started out as bedroom producers, have made waves with their concoction of minimalist techno pop.

The act's debut single “Because” perfectly blends the two genres, and will undoubtedly strike a chord with the club kids. It’s catchy enough to be listened to alone, but it’s also ‘techno’ enough to stand some ground in clubs too. Smerz have said the track is "about being careless while wanting to care,” and the oxymoronic meaning behind the song elevates the effortlessly cool feeling behind the track. Loops of synth, apathetic and melodic vocals, menacing bass and a catchy chorus make it undeniably danceable. It’s dark, feminine and stylish.

“Move”, the duo’s other available track, is a slow, R&B influenced burner. Although the two tracks are different, they’re two sides of the same coin. The DIY aspects, coupled with the preferred genres the duo lean towards, suggest that fans of Tirzah and Jessy Lanza will not be disappointed.

Despite only having a few recorded tracks, Smerz have accumulated a lot of notoriety with their live show. The duo face each other, backed by a screen of minimalist visuals, and play a mostly improvised electronic set. They’ve gone down a storm in Scandinavia, and will undoubtedly become more recognised across the North Sea.

Smerz have produced something slick, smooth and bounds cooler than anything in the UK. Prepare to fall in love, and then patiently wait for more. It’s an underground sound of 2016.

Listen to “Because” below and find out more about Smerz here.


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