Introducing: Slowdim

Those of you who read God is in the TV might already be aware of Slowdim, a band fresh out of Boston, MA. Those of you who don’t need to listen up!

Basking in retro imagery, the quartet make music that - to British ears at least - sounds quintessentially American. Under scrutiny it’s far more interesting than that. Accomplished and catchy, it’s hard to understand why Slowdim don’t already have an international presence. The ‘music to drive a convertible to’ tag might be clichéd and overused, but it’s never been more apt – if the convertible was a worn out Chevy with a hacksaw taken to its roof and a ton of beer strapped to the bonnet. Think of everything good that’s ever come out of the West Coast and then treble its potential – you’ll get to Slowdim.

Listen to their new single “Money” below, and check out their FaceBook while you’re at it.


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