Introducing: Skela

SkelaHailing from Queens, New York, Skela has gradually been making a name for herself over the past couple of years.

Initially gaining recognition for her collaboration with producer Joe Jacobson on 2015 debut Not Alone, Skela has more recently been striking out on her own with a few tracks that suggest a fruitful solo career beckons.

Now based in Brooklyn, Skela has spent time building up a strong local following thanks mainly to her freestyle ability and a unique and powerful songwriting style.

Treading similar ground to other upcoming acts such as Aurora and Layla, with her latest release Skela has definitively moved to the vanguard of the increasingly large group of mononymous female alt-pop artists currently emerging.

In some respects, though, Skela very much forges her own path. Many of her songs weave her fragile, piercing vocals around thumping synth and percussion beats with ease, whilst the piercingly honest lyrics allow the New Yorker to paint vivid stories through her music.

As is the common measure of an artist’s viability in today’s market, Skela has been making some waves across social media, racking up SoundCloud plays and drawing positive reviews across the board for her newest work.

Latest release "Always, Always (From Jack to Eadie)" stands out as her most noteworthy solo offering to date, and showcases all that is good about an artist who has much more to come.

The soaring vocals breathe life into some poignant lyrics, whilst the thumping instrumentals give the track a refreshing sense of urgency, rammed home by the plaintive cry of the chorus: “I’ll come back for you like I always do."

With new tracks "Rivers" and "Church on Fire" hinting at greater variety to her sound, Skela is definitely an artist to keep an eye on.


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