Introducing: Sidney Gish

Sidney GishAs a Northeastern University student moonlighting as one of Bandcamp’s foremost indie pop singers, Boston’s Sidney Gish is well aware of the self-imposed responsibilities of young adulthood. “My own latchkey kid I’ll be,” she sings on “Rat of the City” from 2017’s self-released album No Dogs Allowed. Like Frankie Cosmos and Car Seat Headrest before her, Gish initially began uploading music to Bandcamp at the end of high school, intrigued, no doubt, by the prospect of free-rein creativity and the internet’s anonymity. And just like those two artists, Sidney Gish is enjoying a steady rise to fame as her accidentally profound juvenilia has stricken a chord with droves of young people looking for their latest indie hero. The pressure of speaking for a subsect of her generation would prove daunting for most other 20-year-olds, but Gish’s easygoing demeanour and casual optimism bolster her through the travails of an ascendant young artist.

This isn’t to say that Gish doesn’t suffer from self-doubt. No Dogs Allowed juxtaposes her bright-eyed pop melodies with the universal thrall of feeling underqualified and ill-prepared for adulthood. She explains on “Persephone,” “If I’d known I’d mess up this many times/ Then I’d shut up for the rest of my life.” Adulthood is all about trial and error, about the constant need to rectify our mistakes, and at 20, Sidney sounds ready to throw in the towel. But these lines aren’t a gesture of capitulation, they’re Gish voicing the fears of a generation who think their missteps are beyond correction. Hers is a voice of insecurity and uncertainty, but when Sidney "two-faced bitches never lie, and therefore I never lie,” on “Sin Triangle,” she does so with the confidence of a musician who knows full well how talented she is.

Find out more about Sidney Gish via her Facebook page, and watch the "Midnight Jingle" video below.


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