Introducing: Shallows

ShallowsFacebook messenger isn't known for being a hotbed of creativity. Yeah sure, you can organise a trip to the pub and maybe even send a few GIFs, but that's it really. No seminal albums have ever been made on Facebook messenger - well, at least not yet.

It's good for us then, that Los Angeles based electro pop duo Shallows gravitated past the "awkward Facebook messages" they sent one another before deciding to hunker down and write some music. Singer Dani Poppitt and guitarist and producer Marshall Gallagher initially met at a house party, but soon began to jam and write together in their "dilapidated dinning room studio."

The sound the duo settled on after these sessions is one that is both forward think and retro; a mix of pulsating 70s disco drums and a modern ear for a hook. First single "Summer Sucks" has a subtle beat and bass combination that would slot right into a early Michael Jackson number, while the chorus is so big and uplifting, Taylor Swift would have a hard time writing a better one. It's the perfect song to listen to while driving down a country lane with your windows down in the last weekend of summer; the happiness of freedom still within your grasp, but a feeling of melancholy  as it slowly slips away.

With the huge pop potential the duo have, it wouldn't surprise us to see Shallows bother the charts sometime, but probably not soon. For the moment, the one single is all we've heard, and it's more than likely that the two are holed up in their studio, plotting how to take over the world.

Find out more about Shallows here and listen to "Summer Sucks" below.


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