Introducing: Sea Girls

Sea Girls Sea Girls, seagulls, get it? You’d think this summery quartet would be from the depths of Torquay or the far reaches of a Cornish beach, with enough seaside vibe for an arcade pier. But you’d be wrong. Sea Girls are a four piece from London, making a name for themselves around Notting Hill, Camden and Putney: a very large stone’s throw away from the nearest stretch of sea.

But nonetheless, their debut single “Daisy Daisy” is chocked full of beach cool. Their track has a slow and melodic intro, gradually expanding with shimmery, summery guitar and Henry’s smooth vocal. His voice isn’t too different from vibrant pop icon Oscar, crossed with Swim Deep's easy-going melodies.

The expansive track peaks with a reverb-laden guitar riff, returning to a smooth melody and soft rolling drum hum. There’s something that feels really familiar and nostalgic about the track, mixing dream pop with classic indie and shoegaze.

With only the one single out at the minute, it’s a waiting game until they release more material. But with the promise of an EP coming soon, we’re certainly looking forward to it.


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