Introducing: Sara Hartman

Sara HartmanPlaylists are useful, right? We all love a good playlist. They can't just chuck them together, though. Playlists have to be carefully constructed, every single track chosen for a specific reason; making sure the pacing is right, making sure the vibe is right. Playlists are a great way to showcase new artists, too. You can often judge how good an artist really is by the artists surrounding them in a playlist. If that's anything to go by, Berlin based folk pop artist Sara Hartman is going to go on to big things.

Recently the American born artist found herself nestled in a future hits Spotify playlist curated by Ryan Tedder, from US pop giants OneRepublic, alongside such illustrious names as Jack GarrettThe 1975 and the 6 God himself Drake. Whilst the singer songwriter's sound is quite a bit different from everyone's favourite Canadian crybaby, her catchy as hell folk songs means she more than earned her place on that list.

The song chosen, "Satellite", comes off her debut EP of the same name. A single kick drum and simple guitar line create a strong rhythmic base for her beautiful vocals. They can dance from delicate to powerful in a split second, and the huge chorus will remind you of Of Mice and Men or early Noah and the Whale but with a hook that could blow both those bands out the water.

It truly is an EP full of singles, and it's hard to determine which one would be best primed as her break out track because they're all so good. Be sure of one thing though: one of these tracks will push her into the mainstream where she will become the pop star she deserves to be.

Find out more about Sara Hartman here and listen to "Satellite" below.


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