Introducing: Sälen

Sälen Emerging from East London in the last 12 months, Sälen have already carved out a burgeoning reputation.

The trio - namely Ellie Kamio on vocals, bassist Paul Taylor Wade, and keyboard/guitarist Simon Milner - have a penchant for unfailingly catchy, subversive electro-pop.

Having only formed a year ago, Sälen have wasted no time in making their name with a series of well-received releases. From the straight-talking "IILWMBF" (I’m In Love With My Best Friend), to the Spotify UK Viral 50-topping "Diseasey", the band are steadily building a reputation and solid fan base.

Latest track "Pretty, Fake", available to stream and download via Island Records now, defines Kamio as an artist unconcerned with politeness or deference in the content of her music. At a time when electro-pop is beginning to feel tired and repetitive, Kamio and crew have found a way of breathing fresh life into the genre, producing earworm hooks and acid-tongued lyrics delivered with sugary sweetness. While other acts have found success with a more sanitised sound, Kamio seems to enjoy showering her tracks with metaphorical – and, in the video for "Diseasey", literal – grime, and it’s certainly paid off so far.

As the festival season draws ever closer, Sälen will be busy this summer, with appearances at Great Escape, Lovebox and Parklife already confirmed. Alongside this, the band are continuing to perform high-profile shows around London, including a recent headline slot at Electrowerx, building their reputation and gaining supporters at a swift rate.

Find out more about Sälen at their Facebook page and check out new track "Pretty, Fake" below


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  1. Francesca 07/04/2017 at 3:58 pm #

    This is such a great blog post introducing Sälen. It’s great to see artists such as Ellie Kamio being unconcerned with politeness or deference. It’s particularly radical for a female artist, and will hopefully shatter many people’s expectations. Thanks for sharing!

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