Introducing: Saint Agnes

saintagnesThe Raveonettes weren’t the first, but arguably the most significant of the mid-noughties bunch to peddle this sound. Their long and fruitful career seems to have rubbed off onto the scene of their adopted States, especially if new duo Saint Agnes are anything to go by.

Comprised of Jon Tufnell of The Lost Souls Club and Kitty Arabella Austen from Lola Colt, theirs is a foray into swinging dive bars and glass being smashed against the wall of a Old West saloon. There’s also a touch of spag-bol western to attract the more leftfield fan, and the unholy mess of The Kills at their best creep into corners of Saint Agnes’ résumé too.

Based in London and working out of the (apparent) psychedelic scene, Saint Agnes recently released their debut EP The Good Fight and attracted rave reviews from the always reliable Von Pip.

Check out “Roadhouse Blues” below, and stream the whole EP here.


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