Introducing: Sabina Ddumba

Sabina DdumbaGo to Spotify’s Global Top 50 playlist and you’ll see that the vast majority of songs listed are by artists from either Britain or North America, which is pretty bewildering considering the globe consists of almost 200 countries. Let’s take a moment to get out of our UK/USA bubble and listen to an artist blowing up in the land of Volvos and Robyn: the soulful Swedish Sabina Ddumba.

This singer songwriter combines soul, pop and gospel to create music that will either have you dancing or clenching your fists and closing your eyes with empathetic feeling. Signed to Warner Music, the 22-year-old Stockholm dweller released her debut album Homeward Bound back in October. The record came two years after Ddumba released her very first single; the touching and vocally soaring “Scarred For Life” (which also appears in acoustic format as the final track of Homeward Bound). Since then, Ddumba has amassed a vast amount of plays from listeners in the Scandinavian sphere, but as of yet she is still rather under-the-radar on our sunny isles.

Two things might help explain the development of Ddumba’s simply gorgeous vocal style: firstly, her admiration for the Queen that is Ms. Lauryn Hill and secondly, her involvement with the Tensta Gospel Choir which began when she was only 14. Take a moment to listen to a voice with pure depth and feeling on tracks like “Effortless” and the anthemic “Not Too Young”.

Ddumba also provided the backing vocals on Katy Perry’s track “Walking on Air”. Admittedly, it’s not a song I’d listened to before discovering Ddumba, but it is always so great to see a singer get the opportunity to progress from backing vocals for popstars like Perry, to recognised artists in their own right.

Listen to/watch "Effortless" below and find out more about Sabina Ddumba.


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