Introducing: Rhys

RhysThere’s nothing quite like finding a voice that you could listen to for the rest of your days; I’m talking about those artists out there who would probably make an a capella version of “Crazy Frog” sound lovely. Let us introduce you to one such musician: Swedish newcomer and Warner Music’s latest signee, Rhys.

Originally from Portland, Oregon, Rhys migrated to her mother’s native home of Sweden when she was 10 – a move that would eventually end with the musician having her voice heard by the incredibly successful songwriter Jörgen Elofsson. This is the same guy responsible for numerous noughties pop classics, including Britney Spears’ objectively excellent hits “Sometimes” and “(You Drive Me) Crazy” – but my profound love for Britney and heavily choreographed music videos is a conversation for another day. Elofsson is said to have heard Rhys’ voice and been so enchanted that the only logical next step was to co-write a song with the 19-year-old.

Ahh, but don’t go thinking the result of this collab was another dance floor-filling electro pop song. Together, Rhys and Elofsson wrote “Swallow Your Pride” – a very stripped back track with a solemn and almost lonely feel driven by the Cathedral-esque reverb. Rhys’ captivating vocals fill the space between the minimalist guitar playing, singing words that could equally be begging for forgiveness or willing herself to move on from a relationship.

Listen to/watch “Swallow Your Pride” below and find out more about Rhys here.


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