Introducing: Rayvin Moon

Rayvin MoonRayvin Moon is arguably more of a poet than a musician, such is her skill with words. Not that you can deny the quality of her music. The production is especially gorgeous; her latest single, "Lazy Sad Jesus", features her rapid vocal lines couched within shimmering, flickering beats and tones. It has a richness that rings of Lana Del Rey's early work, the regular rising arpeggios on the harp only solidifying the comparison further.

In an interview about the song with C-Heads Magazine, she explained that the lyrics came before the production. She has a message to convey, and the attention-grabbing musical backdrop is the vessel in which she does so. This message is a call to action, a reimagination of an age-old atheist idea that our destiny as a human race is in our own hands; we have a duty to protect ourselves and our planet, without relying on divine intervention.

The New-York based producer and singer has a background in opera and classical music and has attracted a lot of well-deserved praise since she dropped her debut single "Tyler Durden" - you might recognise it from Chuck Palahniuk's Fight Club - back in March.

Listen to "Tyler Durden" below and find out more about Rayvin Moon on Facebook:


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