Introducing: Queue

QueueQueues are not fun. If anything, they're extremely not fun. Whether you're waiting to get served in the club or in a massive line for the loo, we all hate them for their notorious dullness. But changing the societal norms and bringing an altogether better connotation to the word is new band, Queue. The Philly/Washington DC based quintet, joining the world together with universal queue hatred, met at Penn State University and formed a musical friendship. The five Philly friends are now spread out over four states but they managed to get their first single out last month.

“Falling into Skies” firmly places the band in the dream pop slash alt rock genre, with its ethereal lyrics and catchy riff. The cheerful beat provided by Steve Vanelli, combined with Olivia Price’s dreamy uplifting vocals makes for easy summer listening, slightly reminiscent of Temper Trap’s “Sweet Disposition” crossed with Foal’s “Bad Habits”.

“Falling into Skies” is a delightful track - four minutes of elevating vocals and a catchy dream pop rhythm. Produced by Ben Rice at Brooklyn’s Degraw Sound Studio, the track is taken from their EP that’s currently in the pipelines.

 Since releasing their debut last month, Queue have picked up some traction in the UK with some radio plays and write ups. They’re not currently signed to a record label but Aida, Olivia, Steve, Dan and Tyler promise us they’ve got some exciting things in store for the upcoming months. Let’s hope they’re not at the back of the Queue!

Find out more about Queue here and listen to "Falling into Skies" below.


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