Introducing: Prism Tats

Prism TatsAs a kid, Los Angeles dwelling but Durban, South Africa born Prism Tats aka Garett van der Spek, would dream of the rock stars that he found in his Dad's record collection. Legends like David Bowie, Jimmy Hendrix and Black Sabbath became his window to the outside world. Now with his new solo project in hand, he's able to take all he's learned and emerge as a rock star in his own right.

Latest single "Midnight Mountain" is not just a perfectly written indie pop song, with flecks of rock'n'roll, glam and surf pop, but its accompanying video is probably the most entertaining you've seen in a while. It follows Van der Spek's dirtbag rockstar alter ego  Gary V tearing around Los Angeles, ripping guitar solos, chain smoking cigarettes and generally indulging in clichés. It's kind of like Mac Demarco if he made his own version of the Beastie Boys' "Sabotage" video. So yeah, brilliant.

Back to the music, and again Mac Demarco isn't a bad comparison. His breezy indie pop, coupled with his classic rock influences, mean that Prism Tats' debut self titled album, which is out now via ANTI-, is a fun listen all the way through. His songs don't take themselves too seriously, and judging by the video, nor does he. Even his album artwork is tongue in cheek; a picture of him looking deadpan at the camera in black and white has a super imposed tear drop eye tattoo, a wry reference to his already pun laden name.

Let's just hope every other video from the album is as amazing.

Watch Prism Tats' "Midnight Mountain" video below and find out more about the artist here.


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