Introducing: Post Precious

Post PreciousA couple of weeks ago I introduced you all to LPX, aka Lizzy Plapinger, one-half of alt-pop superstars MS MR. Well, the other half (Max Hershenow) has also been keeping busy, having just launched a new electro-pop project with solo vocalist Alex Winston as Post Precious.

The collaboration between the two longtime friends first took flight when they were both leaving the dizzying surroundings of New York to work in Los Angeles, writing for other artists. A creative synergy emerged and they decided to team up as a way to air their new songs. Their project's name is a nod to the context in which their project was created - both of them having just emerged from the cradle of record label and its relative safety. This daring leap brings the advantage of artistic freedom; as Winston puts it: "It was just refreshing to be uninhibited again. There was no agenda, other than writing songs that we liked. It’s like, Oh shit, I remember this feeling."

And there is a certain liberated spirit to their sound - like an electro-pop answer to Florence + the Machine - Winston's vocals soaring atop bright, pulsating electronic beats and synths. Ahead of their upcoming debut EP, they've teamed up with Charli XCX to remix Wolf Alice's "Don't Delete the Kisses", while their cover of Harry Styles' "Sign of the Times", one of two singles out now, is a forward-looking and gloriously optimistic statement of intent.

Listen to their version of "Sign of the Times" below and visit Post Precious on Facebook for more information


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