Introducing: Polaris Rose

Polaris RoseLos Angeles has a long history of producing alternative rock bands with a West Coast twist, and Polaris Rose fall into this category of easy living and hard swigging with a resounding chirrup of sun and surf. Though not boasting any new contribution to their music scene, they’re certainly at the top of their game, drifting contently between road and sea.

New song “Ocean Ending”, taken from the band’s current EP Ocean Songs, predictably relies on the stereotypical scene of a Californian bonfire party. Its rolling percussion and strum-along guitar carve the way for dual vocals from band staples Peter Anthony and Madelynn Elyse. Harmonising is this pair’s forte, and they use it to their advantage well.

Polaris Rose met in 2012, and have since churned out a handful of EPs leading up to Ocean Songs. Co-produced by Peter and Madelynn, the EP is available to purchase now from the band’s official website. Listen to “Ocean Ending” below.


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