Introducing: PHANGS

PHANGSPHANGS is the dream pop musical brainchild of Nashville's Jake Germany. Layered in dense, breezy synthesizers, heartbeat percussion, and the nostalgia of growing up in the early 90s, the project combines a beautiful mixture of sounds under blankets of minty fresh melodies. With their most popular single to date, "Always Been U", PHANGS opens the door like a familiar friend. Incredibly catchy hooks, lush synth, and air-tight production, the music goes down smooth and leaves you thirsty for more.

With the recently released EP, Happy Season, PHANGS does not disappoint. There are a lot of elements firing off at once here, but they do so in perfect harmony. Some are reminiscent of Justin Timberlake (think of him in his smooth and irresistible prime), while others capture the neon glow of bands such as The 1975Happy Season finds Germany turning the page to write a new chapter of his life. Recently engaged and soon to be married, the inspirations for subject matter are mature but accessibly relatable. There's an honest warmth to these songs that form a memorable imprint.

Nashville is one of the music capitals of North America, and arguably, the world. But when the streets are full of some of the best new Americana, folk, bluegrass, roots, and country musicians, it's easy to lose sight of the other genres making waves. While 'the Music City' might not be known for glistening dream pop, PHANGS makes an incredibly strong showing. Following up the EP release with tour dates in several southern states, Germany is ready to prove that there's much more to Nashville than what appears on the surface.

Listen to "Always Been U" featuring R.LUM.R below, and find out more about PHANGS on Facebook.


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