Introducing: Pascal Pinon

asaPascal Pinon is the brainchild of twins Jofridur and Asthildur from Reykjavík, Iceland. Joined occasionally by friends Kristin and Sylvía on record and stage, the duo have been making music under the project, named after a two-headed Mexican circus act, since 2009.

Taking chilling pop music to the extreme and still at the tender age of 18, what they’ve already accomplished is phenomenal. Their debut self-titled debut album received critical acclaim from serial Nordic lovers The Line of Best Fit, and not without warrant. As new song “Therney (One Thing)” proves, they’re capable of some soothing lullaby inspired ballads that, despite a language barrier, pulls at the heartstrings and coxes true beauty out of minimal sound.

Now signed to Morr Music, their second album Twosomeness is due out on January 18th.


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