Introducing: Oh Joy

Oh JoyThe dawn of a new year is an irritatingly optimistic time for so many people. You yourself might be buoyed by the prospect of a clean slate and a long list of outrageously ambitious new year's resolutions. If you hate yourself slightly for this (and there's absolutely no obligation to!) then you might fancy a healthy dose of 'wry miserablism', the phrase that seems to be most commonly pinned to indie rock trio Oh Joy.

Do not be fooled by their name. Imagine it said in the voice of Marvin the paranoid android from Hitchhiker's Guide, and you'll get the idea. Based in Dublin, Ireland, the trio consists of Ollie Moyles on guitar/vocals, John McDowell on bass, and Alex Cummins on drums. They specialise in a grungy, Nirvana fuelled rock blend, angsty and raw, both in its production and lyrics. While they have carved out a distinctive sound, there are a number of comparisons to be made. There's a touch of Interpol in the joyous anger, especially in the chorus of "So Swell", a refrain of, "I did work today" four times over. In the same track, there's quiet verse/loud chorus contrast often propounded by Pixies. A lot of the chaotic guitar and rhythm sounds distinctly like Radiohead's debut, Pablo Honey. And Moyles has an edge to his vocals reminiscent of another Irishman, Snow Patrol's Gary Lightbody.

If you want to kick off your year with some rough, uncaring and desperately morose rock, this is the music for you. Along with "So Swell", they released another great single, "Apple", late last year.

Find out more about Oh Joy via their Facebook page and listen to "Apple" below.


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