Introducing: Noonie Bao

While it’s by no means a new phenomenon, in the past year a rising number of female pop stars have rejected major label guidance to preserve their own musical vision. Given the oppressive nature of the pop industry, we think it’s a comforting and valiant effort made by some truly inspiring individuals.

One such lady is Noonie Bao, who not only has a fantastic name by birthright, but a score of songs already penned for international acts under her belt. Now ready to realise her own music, the Swedish born musician declined her contract with EMI last year in favour of releasing her own music, something she claims “felt like the most natural way to go”.

Drawing comparison to fellow mutineer Alex Winston, the video for Noonie’s “Do You Still Care?” was shot on location in New Dehli, India, during the colour festival Holi. The results are visually stunning, and though the lyrics have perhaps been hindered by Noonie's use of the English language, there's a healthy dose of M.I.A.-esque melody to boot.

Noonie’s debut is scheduled for release in Autumn on her own label 2many Freckles.


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